INTRODUCTION is the online eCommerce of Rock Gifts & Book Centre, a business owned by Rock Productions, first started operations at Suntec City Mall in 1999.

Today, their new store opened at The Star Vista. RGBC carries a selective range of inspirational books, music CDs, DVDs and gifts, and has a loyal following of customers.

We developed the Front End, UI and Back End to allow users on any mobile devices to purchase the products in a smooth transaction.

Rgbc introduction


Rock Gifts & Book Centre focus on clean and simple user interface. This requirement proved to be simple and complex at the same time. The different types of product and inventory Rock Gifts & Book Centre carries is tremendous.

We found out even the users of the ecommerce usually is just looking at one or two major product type. This gave us an idea of displaying the navigation with the different product types and not only it allows users to see what type of products Rock Gifts & Book Centre carries, they reduce the number of clicks a user will need to reach his or her end goal.

Rgbc development


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